11 August 2017: Installation of two new Briley control boxes will have a significant impact on shooters by allowing one trap to be permanently set for doubles operation and another for Oakley shooters. Prior to the additions, traps had to be reset every week to dedicate traps for league or ATA shoots. With six Brileys installed, traps three through six will be set for singles and handicap while number two will be set for doubles and number seven will be dedicated to Oakley shoots. Operations will be smoother and shooters will not have to wait for traps to be reset.

The entire project was done in one day with volunteer labor. Thanks are due to Roger Polfer, Harvey Martinez, Dan Finochio, Bill Bogue, and Jim Wallace. Their skill and hard work saved the club a considerable amount of money and time. Well done, guys.

Ok, we admit the quail did not help, but they deserve honorable mention for hanging out at a shooting club.

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A few happy winners.....

9 July 2017:CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOOT! The day was hot and so were the shooters. Some even shot hot scores. It was a fun day, everyone had a great shoot, and a few members can brag for the next 12 months. For the rest of us, it's "wait until next year!" For complete scores, see the Shoot Results page and click on 2017 Club Championship

October, 2017:  We have been shooting Winter Card Teams for a few weeks now and will continue until Spring League starts. To make sure everyone is on the same page and to encourage anyone who hasn't tried it yet, here is how it works:

-- Show up Wednesday at or after 2:00 pm. The club opens at 2:00 pm, Winter Card Teams shooting starts at 3:00 pm and ends at 6:00 pm.
-- Pay the entry fee of $12.00 ($2.00 goes to the prize pot).
-- When you are ready, find a scorer (any warm body; there are no trap kids on Wednesday) and shoot 25 targets at 16 yards and 25 targets at 24 yards. You can shoot alone, with other card team participants, or anyone else. Just be sure the scorer knows who is who on the scoresheet.
-- Turn in your scoresheet.
-- At 6:00 pm all entries will be shuffled and teams selected in a blind drawing.
-- Winning team gets 60% of the pot, second place gets 40%.
-- Congratulate yourself and go home. Or go home earlier. Winners do not need to be present. Results will be posted and winnings held at the desk.

Add a little excitement to your Wednesday trap shooting -- shoot Winter Card Teams!