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Harvey Martinez
Vice President

Harvey tells his trap story in his own words:

I started shooting trap 15 years ago by accident. Some friends and I decided to try our hand at the sport called trapshooting. We ended up at the Delta Trap Club. Some real green gourd shooters, the only thing we knew was what a shotgun was. Our first time on the line was ugly; so were our second and third tries. I thought, “This trapshooting is really different than I expected it would be.”

I was hooked after the first day and decided I would try to improve and give it my best shot. Before we left the club the first day Roger Polfer was at the desk and tried to sell us a membership. I joined, the others didn’t.

The first thing I did was get a different shotgun. Boy, that Remington was a piece of junk, but I shot it for a number of years before I said enough was enough and I moved up to a Browning. Then I got another Browning and finally I bought a used BT99. So this is what a trap gun feels like, so I was ready to take trapshooting head on. I started shooting spring and summer leagues and ATA shoots to see how I would fare on the big shoots.

All this time I was listening to the TOP DOGS on what to do and what not to do. My first ATA competition came and I was nervous. Only then did I realize I was not shooting against people, but in competition with my birds.

Shoot-offs were very stressful. Boy, I wish I had gotten one more bird than the other guy so I wouldn’t have a shoot-off.

All this time I was getting advice and help from Roger on reloading and Steve and Jack gave me on-the-line shooting advice. I thank all three of them for all the help they gave me to improve my shooting. I realize that if you need help you need to ask the big dogs. They are more than willing to help you.

One Labor Day shoot I broke my first hundred birds in singles!!! I wish I could remember everything I did right that day to break a hundred birds. Another Labor Day shoot I broke another hundred in handicap. I thought I was on top of my game.

I feel I am shooting better with each year -- good enough to walk away with two trophies at the Colorado State Shoot last summer.

My goal is to shoot 200 straight at an ATA competition. I am shooting on summer and spring league teams where we push each other to shoot our best. We shoot competitive first then we have fun.

My bucket list this year is to shoot at the New Mexico State Shoot at the NRA Whittington Center. Jan and I are looking forward to shooting there and relaxing where we don’t have to work. (editor's note: no one works harder than Harvey at the club.)

I would say to all new members to ask for help and keep your HEAD ON THE GUN. I will see you on the trap range.


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  • Wednesday 5/31/17
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    • 6:00 pm: Summer league starts.
  • Sunday 6/4/17

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