Linda Hill

Linda is a true Colorado native. Born and raised in Salida, she worked for her father and grandfather in their law office for 13 years. After marrying Tommy Hill in 1986, she moved to Kremmling and lived (and worked) on Gore Pass Ranch for the next 20 years.

Prior to her move west, Linda had never touched a gun of any kind, much less tried to hit a flying target with a shotgun. One day, visiting a friend with a couple of traps in his hay meadow in Fraser, Colorado, Tommy handed her his shotgun and, with no instructions, told her to shoot the clay pigeon. She found it, “somewhat scary but fun.” She was hooked, but her early shotgunning was limited to shooting with friends in their meadow.

Linda and Tommy moved to Olathe in 2006 to escape the severe cold in Kremmling. She soon found out about “the trap club in Delta” from fellow member Jay Jenkins. New to the area and the club, Linda fit in easily, finding “everyone was so very friendly and were some of our first friends.” In the intervening 10 years Linda has become an important asset to the club. Always friendly, quick to volunteer when there is work to be done, Linda can be relied on to help. That isn't to say she doesn't have her own chores to keep her busy -- running 50 mother cows, three bulls, two donkeys, and her horse. In spite of being busy irrigating and taking care of land and livestock, Linda makes the club a priority.

In her own words, Linda says, “I enjoy shooting at DTC although my shooting ability has been frustrating -- to say the least! What I enjoy the most are the friends and camaraderie of the other shooters at the club.”

We won't add to Linda's comments on her shooting skills, but we will note the fine job she has done with her two sons, Stetson and Cody Mumma. Both shoot, but Stetson is the serious shotgunner. He currently shoots trap in Kremmling and, according to his mother, has become a great shot. She takes credit for his high scores, saying, "I taught him everything he knows." We don’t know his take on the subject.

NOTICE: RV spaces are still available for the Labor Day Shoot. See the 2016 Labor Day Shoot page for contact information.


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